Google: No Perfect Formula For Search Rankings

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            Google: No Perfect Formula For Search Rankings

In a recent social media statement, Google’s Search Liaison reminds that there’s no “perfect page” formula that websites must follow to rank well in search results.

The statement begins:

“Today I wanted to share about the belief that there is some type of “perfect page” formula that must be used to rank highly in Google Search.”

Google clarifies that no universal ranking formula exists despite claims that specific word counts, page structures, or other optimizations can guarantee high placement.

The statement continues:

“There isn’t, and no one should feel they must work to some type of mythical formula. It’s a belief dating back to even before Google was popular.”

Dispelling SEO Myths

Third-party SEO tools often advise constructing pages in specific ways to succeed in search. However, Google asserts these tools can’t predict rankings.

The tools’ advice is frequently based on finding averages among top pages, while Google’s algorithm values commonalities and unique differences.

“Third-party advice, even news articles, might suggest some type of thing. Following such advice doesn’t guarantee a top ranking. Moreover, such predictions and advice is often based on looking at averages — which misses the point that completely different and unique pages can and do succeed in search.”

Instead of formulas, Google’s advice is to focus on being helpful and relevant to users.

For example, if an author byline fits a page’s purpose for readers, include it – but not because it may supposedly boost rankings.

The Liaison’s statement concludes:

“Google’s key advice is to focus on doing things for your readers that is helpful. For example, if it makes sense for your readers to see a byline for an article (and it might!), do it for them. Don’t do it because you’ve heard having a byline ranks you better in Google (it doesn’t).

Put your readers and audience first. Be helpful to them. If you do this, if you’re doing things for them, you are more likely to align with completely different signals we use to reward content.”

Key Takeaways

The key takeaway from Google’s message is to adopt a reader-first approach.

For those hoping for that one perfect blueprint to guaranteed rankings, Google’s message remains consistent – no such formula exists. But creating content that genuinely serves its purpose? That continues to be rewarded.

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