Google Simplifies The Search Console Page Experience Report

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            Google Simplifies The Search Console Page Experience Report

Google has announced upcoming changes to Search Console, designed to help website owners holistically improve page experience.

In a blog post, Google says the current page experience report will transition into a new page linking to general guidance.

The updated report will also include a dashboard view of individual Core Web Vitals and HTTPS reports that will remain part of the platform.

In a post on X, formerly Twitter, Google shares an example of the updated report:

Screenshot from:, November 2023.

The changes enable a more comprehensive view of the elements of a good page experience. This includes Core Web Vitals, HTTPS, and other usability factors.

Context On Page Experience Factors

Page experience has become a key component in Google Search rankings over the past few years.

It includes Core Web Vitals metrics like Largest Contentful Paint, First Input Delay, and Cumulative Layout Shift that measure site performance and responsiveness.

Page experience also encompasses mobile-friendliness and HTTPS encryption.

The changes to the Search Console page experience report provide consolidated guidance across all these factors in one place rather than through scattered reports.

While you may be concerned about losing granular data from individual reports, Google has assured that aggregated data will remain available through the Core Web Vitals report.

Google Addresses Key Page Experience Questions

In an FAQ section at the bottom of Google’s blog post, the company clarifies how page experience influences search rankings and results.

When asked if good page experience is required for top story carousel placement, Google said it’s not an eligibility requirement as long as the content meets policies.

Google also noted page experience is evaluated on a page-specific basis through its core ranking systems. While relevant content remains the priority, page experience can help sites stand out when multiple high-quality pages are available for a query.

Google emphasizes taking a comprehensive holistic to optimization rather than focusing on individual metrics scores. Updates to the Search Console page experience report will provide simplified guidance to make that process easier.

Closing Thoughts

These changes reflect Google’s evolving way of communicating data and SEO-related recommendations around the page experience ranking system.

While parts of the page experience report are being retired, the focus remains on consolidating insights and guidance that you can act on to enhance visitor experiences.

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