Google To Display More Product Options With New Markup

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            Google To Display More Product Options With New Markup

Google has announced expanded structured data support for product variants in Google Search results.

The new markup will allow online merchants to showcase the different variations of products they sell, such as color, size, material, and more.

Previously, Google supported structured data for single products, shipping, and returns. The new product group schema allows parent-child relationships between product variations.

Here’s more about the new markup and how to implement it.

Product Variant Structured Data

To implement the new markup, sites need to use the ProductGroup type and these three associated properties:

  • hasVariant: This property is used to nest product variants under the corresponding “parent” ProductGroup.
  • variesBy: This property lists the characteristics that differentiate the variants.
  • productGroupID: Serving as the unique identifier, this property marks the “parent SKU” of the ProductGroup.

Google provides documentation and validation tools in Search Console to assist with implementation.

You can find the tools in the Product snippets and Merchant listings reports, as well as the Rich Results Test.

Only valid structured data is eligible for inclusion in Google’s search results. However, valid structured data doesn’t guarantee Google will display the page as a rich snippet.

More Context On Structured Data

When appropriately implemented, structured data enables search engines to understand complex products, services, events, and other entities. provides a shared vocabulary for common entity types and properties. Major search engines like Google rely on schema markup to generate rich results like product carousels, review snippets, event details, and more.


What are the benefits of using the new structured data support for product variants?

Implementing the new structured data for product variants benefits online retailers and users by:

  • Providing a more accurate representation of product offerings in search results, showcasing available variations like size, color, and material.
  • Enhancing the user experience with detailed product information, leading to improved click-through rates.
  • Potentially increasing visibility in search results through rich snippets and more descriptive listings.

How does the new product group schema affect the display of product variations in search results?

The new product group schema affects the display of product variations by:

  • Allowing for parent-child relationships between product variations and the main product group using structured markup.
  • Enabling search engines to understand complex product inventories and display them correctly in search listings.
  • Improving the representation of an e-commerce site’s inventory in search results, thereby helping users to find specific product variants more easily.

Can implementing valid structured data ensure my products appear as rich snippets in Google Search?

No, while valid structured data is necessary for eligibility:

  • It does not guarantee that Google will feature your products as rich snippets in search results.
  • Google selects rich results based on factors that include the quality of the structured data implementation and the content’s overall relevancy and usefulness to users.
  • Merchants are encouraged to follow Google’s documentation closely and use validation tools provided to maximize their chances of rich snippet display.

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