Google’s ‘Circle To Search’ Now Rolling Out To Select Android Phones

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            Google’s ‘Circle To Search’ Now Rolling Out To Select Android Phones

Google has announced the rollout of a new search feature called “Circle to Search” that allows users to quickly look up information on their mobile devices with simple gestures like circling, highlighting, or scribbling.

The feature is launching globally on the new Pixel 8 and 8 Pro phones and the Samsung Galaxy S24 series.

With Circle to Search, you can search for more details on anything you see while browsing the web or social media.

You can find related information without switching apps or typing a search query by long-pressing the home button and circling or scribbling an item.

In a blog post, Google outlines five key ways Circle to Search can be used.

1. Shopping For Items Seen Online

You can circle or scribble over images of products to find shopping options from across the web.

This allows easy price comparisons and purchasing of items spotted on social media or in videos.

2. Looking Up Definitions

Words or phrases can be highlighted to pull up definitions and relevant background information without leaving the app you’re currently in.

3. Travel Inspiration

Interesting buildings or landmarks spotted in videos or posts can be circled to identify them and get more details that may inspire travel plans.

4. Comparing Options

Names of restaurants, stores, or other options mentioned in texts or chats can be highlighted to view information like menus, reviews, and locations to compare choices.

5. Asking Complex Questions

Circle to Search uses AI to provide an overview, answering broader questions about trending topics or items that have sparked curiosity.

In Summary

Google’s Circle to Search offers an intriguing new way to look up information while browsing on their mobile devices.

For content creators and SEO professionals, this feature presents an opportunity to optimize written and visual content to be more discoverable by gesture searches.

As Circle to Search rolls out more broadly, it will be interesting to see how it shapes search behavior and the strategies used to meet evolving user needs. For now, developing mobile-friendly content anticipating people’s desire for quick access to knowledge could provide a competitive advantage.

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