Google’s Search Generative Experience (SGE) Expands To 120+ Countries

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            Google’s Search Generative Experience (SGE) Expands To 120+ Countries

Google announced an expansion of generative AI in Google Search, bringing the technology to over 120 new countries and territories.

Previously, the Search Generative Experience (SGE) feature was only available in the United States, India, and Japan.

With this update, SGE is now accessible across Mexico, Brazil, South Korea, Indonesia, Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, and many other regions for the first time.

Additionally, the update supports four new languages – Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, and Indonesian. This greatly increases access to generative AI for non-English speakers.

Google plans to expand support to more languages soon.

New Interactive Upgrades Introduced

In addition to broadening access, Google is introducing interactive upgrades to make SGE more conversational.

One new feature lets you quickly pose follow-up questions directly from search results, allowing for deeper exploration of topics.

Another upgrade will underline ambiguous words in translations and allow you to select the intended meaning. Launching for English-Spanish translations in the U.S., this leverages AI to provide helpful context that reduces incorrect interpretations.

Other additions include highlighted definitions for specialized terms like medical and coding terminology. You can hover over these terms to quickly view visuals and explanations.

Is Generative AI The Future Of Google Search

The announcements reflect Google’s continued investment in generative AI as a vital part of the future of search.

However, concerns persist around AI systems’ potential inaccuracies, biases, and transparency. As the technology progresses, Google must address these challenges head-on to earn user trust.

For now, the expansion marks a milestone in the evolution of search toward more human-like two-way interactions.

To enable SGE, enroll in Google’s Search Labs and opt into the experiment features you want access to.

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