Kinsta Unveils Free Hosting for Your Static Sites

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            Kinsta Unveils Free Hosting for Your Static Sites

Managed WordPress Hosting company Kinsta announced they are offering free static website hosting that comes with 100 GB bandwidth/month and 1 GB build size limit.

Kinsta says that the free hosting tier plan is being given away so that users can experience it for themselves.

According to the information that Kinsta provided:

“Static sites are completely free, you can host up to 100 sites for free.

Later we will introduce add-ons and features that might be paid, but as of now the service is free and this tier will remain free forever.”

Who Can Get Free Kinsta Hosting?

The free hosting is for static sites, can include WordPress sites that are converted to static (WordPress static site conversion guide).

Developers and users who leverage node-based static site generators that generate re-rendered content. Users of the Astro, Gatsby static site generators and other popular solutions.

Any individual or business can get a free static site hosting plan from Kinsta.

It’s also an opportunity for agencies and developers to test out static site hosting for free in order to see if it’s a good match for clients.

What Are Static Sites?

Static sites consist of HTML, CSS and JavaScript but with no database or server-side processing.

Many publishers are converting their WordPress sites to a static version and enjoying faster speeds.

Sites with massive amounts of traffic can serve webpages all day with little stress on the server.

I used to create static affiliate sites back in the early days, some of which went viral and received massive amounts of traffic with zero downtime, no crashes.

Static sites also enjoy better security because vulnerabilities hidden in plugins or themes no longer exist on static sites.

An important quality of static sites is that they require little to virtually no maintenance.

Free Features In Kinsta Static Site Hosting

Kinsta is offering many features in their free plan.

  • 100 static sites per company
  • 1 concurrent build per site
  • 1 GB build image size per site
  • 600 build minutes per month per company
  • 100 GB bandwidth per month per company
  • API access
  • Integration with GitHub, GitLab and BitBucket
  • Deploying to the Edge – making your site closer to visitors by serving it from more than 300 locations
  • Diff-based Uploads

Additional features that are planned for the service include:

  • Maintenance mode
  • Password protection
  • More builders
  • Choose a build template
  • Detailed Analytics

Get Free Static Site Hosting Here

Kinsta free hosting is available right now for static sites. Visit Kinsta for more details or to sign up.

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