Google Gemini Launch Delayed Until 2024

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            Google Gemini Launch Delayed Until 2024

Google has postponed the launch of Gemini, which was initially set for next week. According to sources for The Information, the delay is due to the AI’s inconsistent performance with non-English queries.

Why Was Google Gemini Delayed?

Google’s CEO, Sundar Pichai, reportedly canceled several events in California, New York, and Washington, where Gemini would be unveiled.

These events were crucial to Google’s strategy, marking what could have been its most significant product introduction of the year.

The delay highlights the intense competition in the AI sector, particularly against OpenAI, Microsoft, and Meta.

GPT-4 Outperformed Gemini In Multilingual Tasks

In certain aspects, Gemini, comparable to OpenAI’s GPT-4, has fallen short in handling multilingual tasks effectively.

This shortcoming is particularly notable given Google’s global market presence and the importance of diverse language support in AI technologies.

Implications For Google’s AI Strategy

This development has implications beyond Gemini itself. Other Google products like Bard, Assistant, and Docs, which are expected to be enhanced by Gemini’s capabilities, may delay receiving these updates.

This setback contrasts the growing popularity of Microsoft Copilot, which recently announced integration with OpenAI’s latest new features, including GPTs.

Traditionally a leader in AI, Google is racing to match the pace of innovation set by OpenAI. While Google Bard’s capabilities continuously increase, it still falls behind the more advanced features available to premium users of ChatGPT.

Despite the delay, Google remains committed to advancing Gemini, with Pichai expressing a focus on ensuring its competitiveness and state-of-the-art capabilities.

As the company refines Gemini, how it will reshape the landscape of conversational AI and compete with rapidly advancing rivals like OpenAI remains to be seen.

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