Google Migrates SafeSearch Tool To Search Console

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            Google Migrates SafeSearch Tool To Search Console

Google has recently migrated its SafeSearch tool functionality to the Search Console platform, according to an announcement made by the company.

The move aims to provide users with a more integrated experience while maintaining the same features and functionality.

What Is The SafeSearch Tool?

Google’s SafeSearch tool allows website owners to control the level of explicit content that appears in their search results, enabling them to tailor their online presence to their target audience.

The tool’s migration to the Search Console interface means users can now manage their SafeSearch settings alongside other SEO tools, such as performance metrics, indexing status, and site errors.

In the announcement, Google stated, “We’re happy to let you know that we’ve migrated the SafeSearch tool functionality to the Search Console look and feel, keeping the same functionality available as before. We hope you enjoy it!”

What’s Changing?

The transition to the Search Console interface may introduce some visual and navigational changes, but the core functionality of the SafeSearch tool remains the same.

Users can access the updated tool by visiting the dedicated URL:

Looking Ahead

The SafeSearch tool helps websites maintain a safe and appropriate online presence, which is increasingly important in today’s digital landscape.

Integrating the SafeSearch tool into Search Console is part of Google’s ongoing efforts to consolidate its search-related tools and provide a more unified experience.

This move follows similar integrations, such as including the URL Inspection tool and adding the Index Coverage report to Search Console.


What remains consistent with the SafeSearch tool following its migration to Search Console?

Despite the visual and navigational updates following its migration, the core consistencies of the SafeSearch tool include:

  • Maintenance of original features – Users can expect the same control over filtering explicit content in search results.
  • Operational familiarity – The move to Search Console does not alter how the SafeSearch settings are managed, providing continuity for users.
  • Accessibility – The tool can be accessed through a dedicated URL within Search Console, maintaining direct entry.

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