LinkedIn Rolls Out New AI Features To Make Networking Easier

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            LinkedIn Rolls Out New AI Features To Make Networking Easier

LinkedIn has introduced new AI-powered features to improve the networking experience on its platform.

These updates come at a time when many professionals are re-evaluating their careers and looking to expand their networks.

The new features use AI to streamline processes like making connections, searching for jobs, and sharing content.

A Competitive Edge in the Job Market

LinkedIn cites a recent survey that found 85% of professionals are considering changing jobs in 2024.

LinkedIn acknowledges that building and maintaining a professional network requires a substantial time commitment, with nearly a quarter of people surveyed reporting they spend 6-10 hours per week on networking activities.

AI to the Rescue

LinkedIn’s latest features use AI to make networking more efficient.

This includes a redesigned Network Tab with two sections, “Grow” and “Catch Up,” aimed at helping users expand their network and stay updated on existing connections.

The “Grow” Tab

The “Grow” tab utilizes AI algorithms to help users manage connections and find new relevant contacts. It provides personalized suggestions through the “People You May Know” feature.

The “Catch Up” Tab

The “Catch Up” tab prompts users to reconnect with their network based on updates like job changes, work anniversaries, new hires, or birthdays. This aims to encourage more meaningful interactions between users.

Crafting The Perfect First Message

LinkedIn has introduced a Premium feature that helps users compose introductory messages when initiating conversations to address the “blank page problem” many face when starting conversations on the platform.

The tool provides draft messages tailored to both parties by incorporating information from their profiles, which users can customize to reflect their voice and goals for the conversation.

The Power of Connection

With over 5 billion connections made on the platform in 2023, LinkedIn expects engagement and interactions to grow in 2024.

As professional relationships can heavily influence career advancement, LinkedIn’s newest AI-powered features aim to make navigating the job market easier and more efficient for users looking to get ahead in competitive industries.

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